COVID-19 Safetly Plan for The Fernie Hotel & Pub

COVID-19 Safetly Plan for The Fernie Hotel & Pub

As per Work Safe BC we are required to develop a COVID-19 Safety Plan that outlines the policies, guidelines, and procedures we have put in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. This document will continue to be developed as we begin operation.

COVID -19 Safety Plan for The Fernie Hotel & Pub
developed using the Work Safe BC six-step process
Last edited May 19, 2020

1. Assess the risk at your workplace
Where do people congregate?

Staff room

Servers Stations

Front entrance/exit

What tasks require workers to come into close proximity with one another or members of the public?

Serving tables 

What materials are exchanged:

money,menu, dishes, condiments, the bill

What tools, equipment do people come into contact with in the course of their work?

debit machines
beer tap handles

What surfaces are touched often?

front doors
bar top
door to bathrooms
beer tap handles
Lottery Machines
Pool table, balls and cues

2.Implement protocols to reduce the risk (bar)

Cleaning and hygiene

3 hand washing stations behind the bar with WorkSafeBC hand washing signage
Employees must wash hands ~ after every cash transaction
~ after every table cleared off
~ after every drink order is filled
~ before rolling cutlery
~ upon commencing work
~ after using the bathroom
~ after touching their phone/after every break
~ before pouring or opening any beer/can/bottle
Always use a bottle opener 
Glass water bottles are to be brought to each table for customer to pour themselves. Make sure the cap is closed and sanitized. The bottle must be run through dishwasher between uses, refilled and sanitized before used again.
Selling Lottery: refer to Q & A – Pub Retailers: selling Lottery During Covid-19 attachment 
Sanitize station at front entrance, bar and  both exits for customers to useCleaning Protocol
Cleaning schedule posted for staff to complete every hour
(see Page 9)
Management to monitor schedule daily

Remove any unnecessary tools/equipment
We will not serve coffee and tea
Post signage that we have “tap” payment available
Keep front door propped open
Take away chairs at “every other” table and label table not for use
Pool table out of order
Condiment boxes will not be left on tables, instead customers will asked what condiments they require. 

Maintaining Physical Distance
Sign upon entry directing customer where they can be seated, maximum 6 people/table, social distancing measures in effect
Reduce bar staff to 2 and 2 servers on floor  
Bar staff stand 6 feet from customers sitting at bar (counter & bar natural distancing)
Server takes orders from table from one end only (does not move from customer to customer) masks are optional and provided
Server delivers drinks/ food to table leaving on side table or at one end of table and ask customers to pass food to each other after they have stepped away
Server passes dirty dishes through pass through window (limiting the need to enter kitchen)
If customer asks to take unfinished food with them, provide packaging and let the customer put the food into the container
Customer/server  must leave any cash payments on counter/table (not in hand)
Server can leave pin pad on table, encourage tap and step away
Tape has been placed on bar and on floor to help staff know the 6ft distance between chairs/tables and 2m circles are placed on floor reminding customers to distance
Floor decals and arrows have been placed on floor directing customers the 2 exits, saving the front entrance for “entry” only, reducing unnecessary contact 
Signage in washrooms asking customers to respect the 6 feet separation and only 2 people at a time.
Bar staff stand 6 feet from customers sitting at bar (counter & bar natural distancing)
Break times are to be taken along in the staff room (or seated 6 ft apart) or leave the building. With minimal staff working breaks will most always be solitary. 

2.Implement measures to reduce the risk (kitchen)

Cleaning and hygiene
2 hand washing stations (main floor & basement)
Employees must wash hands after touching  customer dishes, touching face, going to the bathroom, before handling, preparing or eating food. After touching garbage, wiping counters, after coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose.
If you choose to wear gloves, wash your hands before and after you put them on and take them off.
Hand sanitizer in staff room

Cleaning Protocol
Sanitize kitchen as per usual WorkSafe BC guidelines
Sanitize food pickup area in between each pickup
Sanitize dish pass through regularly

Maintaining Physical Distance
Reduce kitchen staff to 2 employees max
Try to keep 2 m from each other when possible (dishwasher area, cooking area, prep area)
Bring take-out food in plastic bag and leave on end of bar for customer pick-up.
When receiving goods from Sysco have them leave invoice on top of boxes and step back to receive invoice.

3. Develop Policies
Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 including fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and painful swallowing, must self-isolate at home for a minimum of 10 days. 

Anyone under the direction of the provincial health officer to self-isolate must follow those instructions.

Anyone who has arrived from outside of Canada, or who is a contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case, to self-isolate for 14 days and monitor for symptoms.

If employee starts to feel ill while at work they should notify Alicia Dennis (Wendy or Simon Howse is Alicia unavailable) and immediately leave if safe to do so. If the worker is severely ill (e.g., difficulty breathing, chest pain), call 9-1-1. Clean and disinfect any surfaces that the ill worker has come into contact with. 

If working alone and employee feels ill, employee must not serve any customer but wait behind bar until Management or another staff member can take over (if there are customers in bar). If no customers, employee can lock the door and leave immediately.

4. Develop Communication plans and training

Have a staff meeting prior to opening (First meeting held May 21, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.) to review all measures put in place and policies around staying home when sick, review the information on selecting and using masks understanding that masks should only be considered when other control measures cannot be implemented. Every employee will be emailed a copy of our COVID-19 Safety Plan and a hard copy will be available in the staff room and at the front entrance. 

Review the information on cleaning and disinfecting surfaces with employees at first staff meeting.

Post Signage (use Fernie Chamber signage and Work BC occupancy sign) at main entrance, outside bulletin board, washrooms, staff rooms, kitchen and office pertaining to occupancy numbers and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

What to do if Customer has trouble with our Social Distancing protocols: Kindly educate the customer as to the protocols put in place. If they do not respond, ask manager on duty for help. If management does not succeed the customer must be asked to leave due to WorkSafe BC guidelines. If customer ever reached the point that the employee feels unsafe, please phone the police by dialing 9-1-1.

5. Monitor your workplace and update your plans as needed

Alicia (manager) to regularly check in with employees via Facebook group page. Regular staff meeting to discuss as a group scheduled.

Update any needed changes and let all employees know.

Employees can speak, message, email Alicia (manager) or Simon/Wendy (owners) anytime. Our numbers are posted by telephone in bar.

6. Assess and address risks from resuming operations

Employee orientation at first staff meeting to educate on COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Employee orientation/training for all new staff members before first day of work.

Any new processes, products, changes to our business will be discussed at weekly staff check in or verbally told at next shift.

Management has gone through inventory of beer, wine, spirits and checked for expiry before re-opening.

Sanitizer Checklist – EVERY HOUR
New sheet started at beginning of each shift. File at the end of each day in binder with COVID-19 Plan.

Front entrance door
Foyer entrance door
Front room exit
Back room exit
Keno machine
Pull tab machine x 2
Railings going downstairs
Computer screens
Server station surfaces
Doors to washrooms
Taps in washroom
Toilet handles/flush
Soap dispenser
Paper towel dispenser

Debit Machine touch pad
Tables & Chairs
Bar Top

Selling Lottery – BCLC latest information

What are the ways I can sell Lottery? 
Encourage your players to use the Self Serve Terminal to purchase their KENO tickets. Educate your players on what is available and encourage them to choose up to 20 draws to reduce the frequency of SST interactions.
To support the Provincial Health Officer’s recommendation on physical distancing, patios may be a great option for hosting KENO players. Remind players they can continue to purchase from your SST and watch the KENO show on their mobile devices from any location in your establishment. Posters referencing this information are available for printing.
Is it safe to handle cash and tickets?  
The risk of COVID-19 transmission by cash and tickets is low and is expected to be similar to other common surfaces such as doorknobs and handrails.
 It is safe to handle cash and documents. However, it would be advisable to wash your hands frequently, and always before eating, after using the washroom, and before touching your face.
What if I want to stop accepting selection slips?
Based on your location’s needs, and in order to accommodate health and safety concerns, the Selection Slip plexi may be temporarily taken down and stored on site.
Please be advised that Pacific Hold’Em Poker is unavailable at this time. Please see the Retailer Information Sheet for more information.
Sports Action sales are also unavailable
Modified advance buy options are also in place, as follows:
·         Keno & Keno Pattern Play – Advance Buy purchase limited to MAX 20 draws.
·         BC 50/50 – Advance Buy limited to MAX 4 draws.
·         Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49, BC49 & Daily Grand – Limited to a max of 8 consecutive draws